Silverflex panels combine all the characteristics of lightness, flatness and strength of Doluflex® panels with the increasing and pressing needs of safe environments on hygienic side.


The presence of additive that give an effective protection 24/7 against bacteria, mould and fungus for the whole life of the product is a feature of the finishing of Silverflex panels.


The panels are so suitable for cladding of all spaces where is requested an appropriate hygiene level, or where the high flow of people is a potential risk for diseasese.



    Silverflex panels are available in a wide range of finishing to satisfy every need:

    – Powder paint

    – Liquid paint

    – HPL


    Many of the finishing available are suitable for external application.


    Silverflex panels contain silver ions additive: when bacteria or other pathogenic elements lay down the surface, they get in touch with ions that attack all the bacteria metabolism, acting in 3 stages:

    1. Ions go into bacteria: they change the external structure and debilitate the cellular breathing
    2. Ions join internal proteins: bacteria is completely weakened
    3. Ions join DNA: they stop the cellular reproduction and are not generated new bacteria
    • Dental practise
    • Schools
    • Gyms
    • Retirement home and Sanitary residence
    • Rail transport
    • Naval transport
    • Canteens
    • Shops
    • Waiting rooms