ERCOLE MARELLI DOLUFLEX SRL, which has been committed for years to the search for new technologies to be applied to the field of metal machining processes, aluminium in particular, now has a new tool to offer the professionals of creativeness: IronX®.
IronX® is a new way of conceiving sheet metal, transforming a flat surface into a three-dimensional object with an infinite number of incredibly complex forms using a patented and thus unique system. Any type of metal can be machined using the IronX® technology, which, due to the innovative jointing system and the possibility of using and combining several different materials, can produce objects with a degree of perfection and breadth of range unimaginable until now.
    Aluminium, steel, titanium and silver are just some of the alloys already moulded using the revolutionary IronX® technology; the warmth and softness of wood can also be obtained through a simple veneering process. Faceted polyhedra like precious stones are obtained with simplicity and geometrical perfection, leaving the many possible combinations up to the creativeness of the designer.